Mr. Sun, Mr. Golden Sun!

blogbutton2.2Hello! Welcome to I guess I’m Blessed Wednesday! You all know the drill by now! Link up in the comments if you wish! And click on the button to visit Normy’s blog to see if she posts one today.

First up on my list today is Mr. Sun! I’m a big fan of him… Like a real big fan!… And he has been mostly MIA around these parts since before Christmas… And what has been in his place?? A grey blanket of clouds… Which is the worst. I don’t mind clouds, and I don’t mind rain too much… But when the sky is a blanket of grey, with no variation, and no clouds broken up I get depressed…. And I was sure getting depressed these last couple days… But Mr. Sun is out today! Shining nice and bright…. So Thankful!!

Next up is our last two Monday night dinners. Our neighbor has come over for both. It’s been good food, and good company for sure! We have a blast, and laugh so much that our cheeks and abs hurt the next day. They sure have made Monday’s better the last two weeks. I’m thankful for a neighbor who is funny, and wants to be friends with us. Also thankful for the ability to cook the food and be able to share it. It’s been a good time!

And as always here are a few little things I’m thankful for this week: shoes, my jacket, car heaters, running, heavenly cookies (aka Andes mint cookies), and bdubs honey bbq!



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