How To Cure The Monday’s #2

Happy Monday yet again!! I hope y’all had a wonderful weekend! I know I did! But I’ll get to that in a second…

But first, last Monday we learned you could cure your case of the Monday’s by having beef stew simmering in a croc-pot for dinner that night… So what about this Monday… Are we back to having “The Monday’s”?? No way Jose!!! And how did I cure today’s case? Well I’ll tell you! My lovely roommate is making Salsa Chicken in the croc-pot for dinner tonight! Now it only takes 4 hours so I didn’t wake up smelling it this morning… But knowing that I’ll get home to the apartment smelling amazing, and knowing it’s going to taste fabulous is totally enough to bounce “The Monday’s” right out-of-town!!

Ok, now that we have our second lesson in curing “The Monday’s” done let’s move on to talk weekends shall we? Mine was really good for 2 reasons…

#1 Lydia got me a “husky”!! And here she is in her loveliness!SweetiebellHer name is Sweetiebell. Isn’t she cute?? I totally think so! And yes I know she is not real… But she is as real as I can have at this point in my life!

#2 Lynne found a recipe for Chili Verde and made it for lunch on Sunday.chili verdeI think I’ve mentioned before on the blog (if not for sure on Facebook) that I have not been able to find Chili Verde at any Mexican Restaurant I have been to here in Texas. And I have been to lots of different ones. No one has it… Which is totally terrible. So I get in once a year when I go home to Cali. Very sad. But now… Oh man… I don’t have to wait for that one time a year I go home…. Because this recipe is really good!


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