Conversations with the Lord

Lately I’ve been asking the Lord a lot of questions. They’ve been good questions to ask. They haven’t been questions brought out of doubt or frustration of something I don’t understand. They are questions that I know and believe that the Lord wants to answer (not necessarily right then and there but in His timing for sure). And after today I’m even more sure that the Lord wants to answer them… And here is how…

Though I have been asking lots of questions… I have not been taking the time to listen for His answers. In fact if I’m being completely honest, I’ve been avoiding listening for the answers. Which is completely terrible, I know.

So today I posed one of the questions I’ve asked the Lord to my friend Chad, who also happens to be a Pastor. Not because I thought the Lord wasn’t going to answer me Himself. It was simply to just get some ideas tossed around. But instead I got the answer I needed to hear.

Chad asked if I had listened to His sermon series from back in September and October entitled Advice From Above (title is linked to the sermons available online to listen to). And then He said this, “I only point you to my sermons because I think God is willing and happy to give you advice on something so big!”

The Lord knew exactly why I asked Chad the question. He knew I was trying to avoid listening to Him. And because He loves me, He called me out on my disobedience, pride, rebellion, whatever you want to call it, and urged me to come back to Him. 


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