Flour-less Banana Muffins!

link upIt’s Thursday!! And since I’ve been a pinterest pin making addict lately, I have another creation to show you!

So one night last week when I should have been cleaning the apartment I decided to make a bigger mess instead. Mostly because cleaning didn’t sound like fun… 🙂 I had seen this recipe on pinterest earlier that day. And I just happened to have stopped by the store on the way home to get all the ingredients I didn’t have! It was just meant to be!!

Now I am obsessed with banana bread! Not banana nut bread… Just plain ol’ banana bread… I LOVE it…. a lot!! So when I saw these flour-less banana muffins I knew I just had to try them…. So I did! muffins1These are mine right before I put them in the oven… Now I know what you are thinking… You made banana muffins, so why the heck are they purple??… And if you have clicked on the link to the recipe and read it then you are thinking that even more since there is nothing in the recipe to make it purple either… Well I’m about to put your minds at ease…

The recipe calls for 2 ripe bananas. But I only had one… So why didn’t I pick any up at the store? Well… that’s because I thought I had two in my freezer. But when I got home it turned out I only had one… But I did have this package of fruit in my freezer:berry medlySo I decided to substitute berries for the other banana and see how it turned out. However I did try to avoid the strawberries but one may have snuck in.

This recipe is super easy. You just take all the ingredients and throw them in a blender or a food processor until it’s smooth… A warning if you are using a blender, obviously don’t put all the dry ingredients at the bottom… unless you want to burn out your blender… And no I did not do that don’t worry… I burned out one too many blenders as a kid making smoothies so I already knew :)…

I let my fruit defrost before I blended everything together. And the second time I made them I mixed the eggs and sugar (the only non-healthy ingredient) together before putting them in. And when I make them again I’ll probably mix some of the oats and yogurt together and put that at the bottom. My oats haven’t ever gotten completely smooth, which is not a terrible thing the muffins are still good with oat pieces in them.

After it’s all blended you dish it out into your muffin pan (they say to use the foil wrappers, but I used the paper ones and haven’t had a problem with sticking, but while pulling them off sometimes they rip easy because the muffins are moist). Then you bake them in the oven at 400 degrees. The recipe says for 15-20. But both times I made them it ended up being between 25-28 minutes.

On top of being really easy to make they are really good! They taste good warm and they taste good room temperature… Just depends on which you prefer!



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