I Guess I’m Blessed Wednesday!!

ImageIt is time to put on our attitude’s of gratitude once again! This week I’m changing it up… And by that I mean I’m giving a challenge to my readers! So if you are reading this I challenge you to put on your attitude of gratitude and in the comments section leave one or two things that you are thankful for/blessed by/grateful for!

I’m thankful for the desire the Lord put on my heart to get back into His Word. Because I have enjoyed reading/studying it this past week and a halfish. I’ve been noticing things I never noticed before and been reminded of some really good truths as well!

I’m thankful for Lydia. I’m thankful that the Lord brought us both to Texas. We have a whole lot of fun and laughter together. I’m also thankful that she likes going on roadtrips as much as I do. Especially when my wanderer’s heart starts calling to me, because all I have to say is let’s go on a roadtrip somewhere and she is ready to go!

I’m grateful for the invention of the croc-pot. There are so many delicious meals that are simply made by sticking everything in the cro-pot and turning it on and leaving it alone for the day. Super easy, and really good!

Some other things I’m grateful for- podcasts, ab muscles, laughter, neighbors, prayer, old navy, and boots!


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