Stew On That!

beef stewDoesn’t that look delightful?? Let me tell you it was!! And before you comment on how Lydia has more vegetables than I do, really it’s only the potatoes that are making it look that way. I had a whole lot of vegetables in my bowl and I ate them all! I just went broth heavy with mine because I really like broth!

Anywho as you can see dinner last night was a success! And I’m real excited about lunch today because I’m having left-overs! And today is the perfect day for left-over beef stew… Want to know why??01-08 weather See this weather?? Rainy and chilly… It is only 57 right now it hasn’t gotten up to the high of 63 yet. But rainy and chilly weather make it the perfect time to eat beef stew!

Also after dinner last night we learned how to do the cotton-eyed joe dance, not the one all the guys do at the hockey games in California, but the real one… I was not very good at it to say the least… And then we learned the Texas 2-step…. Bring on the Honky Tonks!!



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