Happy Monday!

It’s Monday!!!! I know I know that usually elicits  a groan from most people. But I am not most people today… Because I found a reason to make it being Monday something to look forward too! Want to know what it is? Well then keep on reading!

I have homemade beef stew simmering in my croc-pot as we speak… So I know that my apartment is going to smell amazing when I get home from work and walk through the door! And I also know that I am going to have a bomb-digaty dinner tonight!

I actually started simmering the stew last night. I put the broth and meat on low overnight (per my wonderful Mom’s instructions), so the meat would get extra tender! So that also meant that I woke up to an amazing smelling apartment… And on a Monday morning that’s totally enough to take that normal groan and turn it into anticipation and excitement!

So if you have a reoccurring case of the Monday’s you should try making beef stew! It just might cure you for a week or two!


One thought on “Happy Monday!

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