Saw It! Pinned It! Did It!!

link upThis Christmas I handmade two family members gifts! Maybe next year I will get it together earlier and hand make all my families gifts….

This coming from the girl who took almost a full year after Christmas to finally make her best friends Christmas present. But after I made hers and saw how fun they are to make (albeit a little frustrating at times). I decided I wanted to make more. So I asked my brother Scott, and his fiance Heather, if they liked the nail string art creations and they said they thought they were cool. So I decided that’s what they were getting for Christmas! I’ll show them both to you and then give some little how-to tips.

Heather's gift


Scotty's gift

They are so easy to make. I got the wood at home depot and had my friend Jess cut me two 16×16 pieces (I figured that was a good size), and then I spray painted them a grey color. Then I found the images on google, and used a projector to make them bigger, traced the outlines onto the brown shipping wrapping paper stuff. And then I cut it out and taped it onto the wood and nailed around it.

As far as the nailing goes, it’s a good idea to do the corners first because then your spacing looks better. With Heather’s (the NY Yankees one) I turned it sideways and when straight down after that so there was no problem with my big fingers trying to hold a small nail in a small space. But with Scott’s (the SF giants one) I did some corners and then the nails between those corners and repeated that process because there were more tiny spaces to try to figure out.

Then after the you get all your nails in then it’s time to string. My roommate gave me the idea to outline the letters individually and then start the crisscrossing string. I’m glad I took her idea and ran with it. My original idea was to use two different colors of string for the letters (one for each), but with for the Yankees I couldn’t find the lighter blue I wanted to use. So I think outlining made it so you could see the distinct letters with them still being entwined together. And for the giants I decided it would be far to complicated to do two different colors on the letters. So then the outlining of the black with crisscrossing orange came to be!

So there you my two handmade presents from this year!




5 thoughts on “Saw It! Pinned It! Did It!!

  1. The yankess one looks cool though because the contrast of the nails actually adds a slightly different “color” to the whole thing 🙂 Did these take a really long time?

    • Thanks!
      I don’t think they took too long. The spray paint part took a bit (but I also probably let it dry longer between coats because I was working on a different project in between coats). Putting in the nails probably took an hour each I’d say. But again could go faster if you are good at putting nails in wood. I had to go slow to get them to be straight. And the stringing probably took 15-30 minutes for each one.
      But mine were pretty good sized, if you make a smaller one then it will take less time as well.

  2. Looks awesome! I’m so lazy I would never have the gumption to find someone to cut the wood squares for me or borrow a projector from. What a awesome and personalized gift though!

    • Thanks!
      I’m pretty lazy myself. The only reason the wood got cut was because I had a craft day with a friend and her husband was cutting wood for her so I asked him to cut mine too. And that same friend had already borrowed the projector from church to make her Texas string art. If it wasn’t for that I don’t know that they would have gotten done lol. 🙂

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