I Guess I’m Blessed Wednesday!

blogbutton2.2Welcome to the first I Guess I’m Blessed Wednesday of the New Year!!!! And I think putting on an attitude of gratitude seems like a great way to kick off the new year! So here goes…

I’m thankful for the Word. That the Lord chose to have His story written down so that I can learn about who He is. To see how He worked in the lives of His people way back when. And to see how Faithful He is to His word. How faithful He is to bringing about His promises. So that I know without a doubt that if the Lord said it, it’s going to happen! I’m thankful that the word instructs me, corrects me, encourages me, and strengthens me. And I’m thankful for the Holy Spirit who brings about understanding of the word!

I’m thankful for this past year that the Lord blessed me with. For how He chose to work in my life, and continued His molding of me into who He wants me to be. It was a really good year, sure it had some low points, but through it all the Lord was faithful and I always knew that, even if I chose to fight it.

I’m thankful for this weekly feature on the blog. Because every moment we have here on this earth is a blessing. And I really want to be more intentional about remembering that. Yes this earth is broken and hurting, but life is a blessing. And I want to be more mindful of that and live like I really believe that this year.

And now as always some small things I’m thankful for- cookie butter and pretzels, the Nike+running app, my running socks, hoodies, playing cards, blankets, bobby pins, and my splash guard.



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