2012 In Review

2012 has been a great year. Full of fun times! Also full of seeing the Lord’s faithfulness through good and bad in my life and in the lives of those around me! So for today’s post I thought I would do a year in review post. A lot of the blogs I read have been doing them so I thought I would join in too. Although mine won’t be super fancy with pictures (mostly because I am lazy 🙂 lol). So here goes…

1. Rang in the new year with fireworks for the first time in my life
2. Went to beautiful Cabo San Lucas with my dad and brother for a week
3. Read 9 books

1. Ran in the Rodeo Run!
2. Started my official Countdown for St. Patrick’s Day
3. Saw the Lord being faithful to His promises
4. Read 7 books

1. Started wanting a mantle, found my dream mantle/got a mantle similar
2. Was the girls D-Now leader for church with the theme “Pause” (which just so happened to be what the Lord was teaching me in my own life
3. Went to the Rodeo and saw the Eli Young Band, also fell in love with mutton busting
4. My parents mailed my entire drum set to me!
5. Read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Series, and loved it!
6. Lydia and I decorated our mantle
7. Read 7 and 1/2 books

1. Chopped off my long hair!
2. Bought my first cast iron skillet
3. Bought a dress (aka turned girly!)
4. Read 7 and 1/2 books

1. Read The Hunger Game Series and wrote this post about my feelings about it
2. Started reading books with my best friend
3. Went to Las Vegas with my dad for a weekend!
4. Went to the beach for Memorial Day!
5. Read 8 books

1. Taught the 4 and 5-year-old VBS class!
2. Studied like crazy for the GRE
3. Learned to “like” cucumbers
4. Read 3 books

1. Was sad about a bunch of rainy days but the Lord reminded me of His Promises through it
2.  Saw The Lion King Musical
3. Got addicted to Grilled cheese
4. Went to the Watermelon Festival
5. Watched the Bachelorette season finale with some Papa Murphy’s Pizza
6. Went to Dallas!
7. The Lord taught me a new way of looking at playing drums for worship on Sunday mornings
8. Read 11 and 1/2 books

1. Started dreaming of Splash Cafe’s Clam Chowder
2. Watched the Spice Girls perform at the Olympics
3. Bought a new iPhone case
4. Went Tubing!
5. Went to a lAstro’s vs Giants baseball game!
6. Read 6 and 1/2 books

1. Started running outside again after 5 months of indoor running
2. Went to the free Museum entrance day
3. Went to P-Town for my Birthday!!
4. Celebrated my Golden birthday 24 on the 24th
5. Went to Sky High with youth group
6. Read 6 books

1. Found out the best news of my life: Frankie Munez is a drummer in a band!
2. Started the “I Guess I’m Blessed” Wednesday’s weekly feature with Stormy Normy
3. Became a superhero
4. Got a new perspective on the business of life
5. Started listening to Christmas music
6. Went and saw some alligators
7. Had 12 people over to our apt for Canadian Thanksgiving
8. Finally made Normy’s Christmas present
9. Read 7 books

1. Ran in the Firefly 5k
2. Went to California for thanksgiving!
3. Got Splash Cafe Clam Chowder
4. Got to see friends and family that I love and miss!
5. Read 16 books

1. Made Scott and Heather’s Christmas gifts (will post them on Thursday)
2. Went to the Lanier Christmas party
3. Saw Faith Hill and Tim McGraw in concert
4. Had a wonderful Christmas!
5. Hung out with some good friends for days!
6. Read 9 books

So there you have it… 2012 in review… It’s been a wonderful year! Praise the Lord!


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