Baby it’s Cold Outside

bundled upSee this picture?? See how bundled up I am?? Want to take a guess at what the temperature was outside?? I’ll give you a hint… It was not even close to freezing temps… It was high 40’s… Definitely not cold enough to warrant all those close… But apparently my blood has finally acclimated to living in Texas.. And I was fuhhh-reeee-zzzzziiinnng! Probably it happened in the last 9-10 months of 80+ degree weather… So I have now become one of those people I laughed at when I first moved here because they were all bundled up in mid 50 degree weather…. *Sigh”… Oh well. I put up a good fight… I survived two winters before succumbing to thinking winters here are cold.

And now I want to introduce you to someone…


This is Chuck! Isn’t he cute? I think so too! Poor guy is at my local SPCA and needs to be adopted… Sad :(… I’ve really be wanting a dog lately. And I was planning on telling y’all that today. So I decided to go on my local SPCA website to find some cute dogs to say I want them. Knowing it was probably a bad idea because I would probably find one I wanted…. I never imagined there would be a husky (my dream dog) on there… Makes me wish I had a house with a big yard so I could adopt Mr. Chuck… But alas I don’t… Hopefully some nice family with a big yard will come adopt him!

And I have learned my lesson… Don’t go on the SPCA website when you really really really want a dog!




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