I Guess I’m Blessed


I know it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged… Almost a week… But it was Christmas so can you blame me? Nope you can’t! But I’m back today to put on my Attitude of Gratitude with my Bestie! As always feel free to join us by putting on your own attitude of gratitude on your own blog or in the comments! And now here we gooooooo…..

I am thankful for the wonderful last 4 days that I had! They were AMAZING!! I spent them with my good Friends/Texas Family. They were very relaxing, good days. No stress, no worrying, no running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Just simple and nice. Filled with times like Sunday night where Laura, and I sat on the couch with Lila cuddling with us and watched the Sound of Music. They sure do make it a little easier to be away from my family on Christmas!

I am also thankful for the many gifts that I was given this Christmas! My boots, flip flips, donut maker, electric razor, the entire series of boy meets world on DVD, Old Navy gift card, Ikea gift card, Bdubs honey BBQ sauce, Trader Joe’s cookie butter, socks, cute ornaments, and lots of little things like chapstick, candy, toothbrush, journals, lotion, etc.

And last but definitely not least… I am thankful for the true meaning of Christmas. Celebrating the birth of our dear Savior!! I am so thankful that Christ came to this earth. To show us how we are to live. To fulfill the law that we could not fulfill ourselves. To teach us what it means to love. And ultimately to die on a cross so that we would not spend eternity away from Him!

Guess KNOW I’m Blessed!


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