Saw It. Pinned It. Did It.

link up

Honesty: I’ve been wanting to participate in this link-up  for quite some time… But the only projects I had been doing were for my bro and sis-in-laws Christmas presents. And since they may read my blog I didn’t want to spoil their surprise. So those will come in the next two weeks sometime.

But this weekend that all changed. I made two different things from pinterest this weekend! Yahoo! So without further ado here they are:

First up: The T-shirt scarf!

I saw this one day on pinterest and thought wow that is super easy. It only has three easy steps. Cut it, slice it , pull it and done! I made the first one a couple of days before I left for California for Thanksgiving. I wore it several times while I was there. I also decided I should look in my closets at my parents house for shirts that might make cute scarves as well. And I found 1 that would be absolutely adorable! And then I forgot to bring it back to Texas with me 😦 super bummer. But fear not…. I asked my mom to include it in the next package she sent me. The package came on Saturday and of course I just had to make it right away. So here you have it: my two t-shirt scarves!

tshirt scarvesNext up: Better than sex chex mix.

I saw this loveliness on pinterest and thought oh my that looks delicious! So I decided that for our next church even I would make it as a dessert. This past Sunday we happened to have a Friend’s Day luncheon after church and I got asked to make a dessert (because I forgot to sign up to bring something). And so I made this chex mix stuff… And let me tell you it is soooooo good! Like amazingly good! It almost didn’t make it to church on Sunday because I wanted to eat it all on Saturday after I made it!

It is also super easy to make. And you only need the ingredients and your microwave. You melt the butter, brown sugar, and light corn syrup together in the microwave (after stirring you are supposed to add baking soda but I forgot and it turned out fine). Then pour it over your chocolate chex and stir till coated evenly. Next you microwave it for 3 minutes stirring after every minute. Then you lay it out and let it cool. Once cool add your marshmallows and mini mini Reese’s cups.  Next you melt your caramel with some heavy whipping cream and drizzle it over the top. Then melt your milk chocolate chips and drizzle it over the top. Next melt your white chocolate chips and drizzle over the top (I added a little bit of the heavy whipping cream to the white chocolate chips as well because they weren’t melting into a smooth drizzly consistency but once I added the cream they did just fine). Then you put it in the fridge to set. Then you can break it into pieces and place in tupperware. After that I would suggest to put it back in the fridge because the chocolates tend to melt again if you don’t.

And there you have it… Amazing goodness! Here is how mine turned outchex mix



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