I Guess I’m Blessed

blogbutton2.2Hello there! Sorry that I’m posting this so late… I haven’t been feeling the best today. And I came home from work after 2 hours. So I’ve spent the day in bed sleeping or watching movies. But I figured I still needed to put on my attitude of gratitude even though I feel yucky! As always make sure to pop on over to my lovely co-host Stormy Normy’s site as well. So here goes…

Since I’ve been in bed all day let me start by saying I am super thankful for my bed. It is pretty cozy if you ask me! I love my comforter and my mis-matching pillow cases. I’m also thankful for my lovely apartment. I’m thankful that the times I left my bed today I got to see our lovely Christmas decorations. I’m also thankful just for the fact that I have a roof over my head, because I know so many people don’t.

I’m thankful for/blessed by my family. For their love and support for me even though I live halfway across the country from them. I miss them, and I’m thankful that April isn’t too far away.

Those are the two big ones this week… Some other little things I’m thankful for… compression shorts, new cute running socks, Gatorade, soup, oyster crackers, crafts, Christmas cards, and hoodies.

Yup, I Guess I’m Blessed!


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