I’ve started writing this post several times. Every time I delete everything I’ve written. Mostly because it’s all random non-sense that doesn’t really matter in light of the school shooting in Connecticut today. 27 people killed including the shooter. And so far all the articles I’ve read said 18 of them were children. 

So my heart is heavy. Heavy for the little children who lost their lives. Heavy for the families of those children. Heavy for the adults that died. Heavy for their families. And heavy for all the other children in that school who always thought they were safe in school, who now probably won’t feel that again, at least not for awhile. Heavy that they had to experience something like this.

Our world is broken. And sinful. And disgusting. And I know I’m included in that as well…. So let us pray! And pray hard. For those families, for those children for comfort and peace. And for ourselves and our world. That everyone would come to know our loving, and sovereign savior Jesus Christ! Because He is our only hope!


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