I Guess I’m Blessed #10

blogbutton2.2Welcome to I Guess I’m Blessed Wednesday’s! Once a week Stormy Normy and I put on our Attitude’s of Gratitude and write a blog about it!

I’m a fan of my iPhone. I’m thankful it’s not the iPhone 5, and I’m also thankful I haven’t updated my software to iOS 6. I also just bought a new speck case for it, and supposedly it’s a knock off speck case. I don’t really mind though because it’s exactly the same as a “real” speck case only it’s $8 instead of $35.

Well yesterday I was leaving work and as I got out of the elevator on the ground floor I dropped my phone… Now since I switched my phone out of an otter box case and into the speck cases in September I’ve been very careful with my phone. I don’t usually carry it in my hand, it’s usually in my purse, especially when I have a lot of stuff in my hands. Well yesterday I had lots of stuff in my hands but I was also looking at twitter as I was leaving so I my phone was in my hand with all the other stuff… And I dropped it. It bounced on a corner did a few flips and then landed face down… It was a pretty hard fall and the building has granite like stuff as flooring, so it wasn’t landing on carpet. So as it was falling, hitting, and tumbling I was a little freaked out.

And then I picked it up…. And…. There was no damage at all… Not even a dent in the case where it first hit on the corner… Nothing… I was overjoyed!… And all that to say- I’m thankful for my supposedly knock-off $8 case.

Yesterday in a mall I used to frequent when I lived in P-town there was a shooting. The latest article I read said the shooter was 22 years old. I still know and care about a lot of people who live in P-town. I read my friend Keith’s Facebook status about it. He was at a store outside the mall with his wife Vanessa (a good friend of mine) and one year old daughter and as they came out there was a mob of people running and someone yelled “get away, gun shots, there’s a shooter in the mall.” So they hightailed it out of there and were safe. And I know of several other people who had been there earlier in the day and someone who was there when it happened. I’m so thankful that the Lord protected them and that nothing happened to them. (And I am praying for the families of the people who lost their lives, and all who were there and experienced this tragedy)

Here are some other little things I’m thankful for this week- laughter, sweats, hoodies, email, Christmas lights, pomegranate jelly, sausage, bdubs honey bbq sauce, and Half-Price Books!

Man… I Guess I’m Blessed!




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