I.G.I.B #9

blogbutton2.2Welcome to another edition of “I Guess I’m Blessed” Wednesday’s with my lovely co-host Stormy Normy and myself! As always feel free to join in with us on your own blog (just leave a link to it in the comments), or if you don’t blog but want to join in as well just leave a comment in the comment section with what you are grateful/thankful for or blessed by!

For the past week or so I have been thinking a lot about all the people in my life who I consider to be family and who consider me part of their families. I’ve never really thought about them all at once, to realize how many there are. But this week it’s been on my mind a whole lot! It’s made me feel very very blessed to have so many people who love me and care about me that much. Who really want to invest into my life, and allow me to invest into theirs. And it doesn’t matter how far away that I live they still think of me as part of their family. And what blows my mind is that it’s still like that even though I’m terrible at keeping in touch. So thankful for them!

Last week we decorated our office at work, and Lydia and I decorated our apartment for Christmas. And I’ve been seeing lots of pictures go up on Facebook and all the blogs I read of all their decorations. They are all so pretty. And they really just make you feel joyous and happy. They also remind me of the real reason for the season. And I’m thankful for that! Because the real reason for the season is Jesus! And without him I’d be nothing!

And now here are some little things that I’m thankful for-
salami, colby jack cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches, bouncy balls, red vines licorice, my phone, memory foam, Last Man Standing, Dexter, and you!

Yes, I Guess I’m Blessed!



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