People I Love In California

While in California I got to hang out with lots of other awesome people! People whom I love and am super thankful for! I would love to give them all their own separate post because they are all that special to me. And maybe someday I will… But for today I’m just going to make this a really long blog post and talk about them all! And I’ll just go in order of when I saw them.

First up- Daniel, Wendi, Keeli, and Dani
I love this family! I have known Daniel and Wendi for a very long time. And we all have been very close friends for a long time. Their two little girls are adorable. And I absolutely love them! I wish I could be around a whole lot more to hang out with them and watch them grow up.
This trip on Saturday after I hung out with my brother for a while, I met Wendi, Keeli, Dani, Wendi’s sister Traci, and her friend Red at the zoo. I got to see the new sea-lion cove that they built and we walked around to see all the different animals. Mostly I was just excited to be hanging out with all of them. After the zoo we went to eat at Chick-Fil-A of course! And both girls wanted to sit by me, so I had one on each side! It was precious! After that we stopped by Wendi’s grandparents house and I got to chit-chat with them for a bit. Then we went to their house and I watched as Keeli and Dani decorated the tree some. Wendi put Dani down to sleep. Then before I left for the evening we all (including Daniel) played some Uno-Moo! It was way fun!
I got to hang out with all of them again on Monday afternoon. This time I helped them hang up their Christmas lights (seems to be a tradition now!). And we played games (including a very long round of Uno-Moo which turned out to be pretty funny) and got some good time in with the girls! I sure miss them a lot when I’m not around! We took some cute pictures which y’all have seen on facebook! And when it was time to say goodbye it was very very sad. I was so very close to tears!

Next up- Toni and Marie and really all the people of my church back home!
It was great to see everyone from church, and be able to briefly catch up with them! After church Toni, Marie, and I headed over to Me’N’Eds pizza for lunch. First off let me just say the pizza was delicious! And then getting to talk for a couple of hours with both Toni and Marie was really good too! They are awesome women! And we just chatted away in the pizza place!

Ernie and Susie-
After Toni, Marie, and I had talked for a few hours I left them and headed over to Ernie and Susie’s house. Now I have known them since I was a little girl. They’ve known my family forever. I used to go to the same church as they do. And I am mostly their adopted daughter. Ernie used to tell me all the time “If you were my daughter I would buy you whatever you wanted.” They are wonderful, loving people as well! After I moved up to P-town for school I hardly ever saw them. I had changed churches the year before I moved and so when I would come home to visit I would go there and not to Harvest, where Ernie and Susie go. So last year when I went home I decided I needed to make time to see them since it had been forever and I truly missed them. It was such a good time. So this year when I went home I knew I had to visit again! So I did. We had a good chat and watched some football, cracked some jokes, and just enjoyed each others company. I am so thankful for their love and support.

Virginia (aka Mom) Ellyann, and Abigail-
Luke and Virginia were leaders of a camp I went to in high school. Since then I have stayed pretty close with them and go visit them whenever I’m home, since they only live a couple of towns over. Luke was back at school teaching when I went to visit, but I still had a fun time with Virginia and her two cute little girls. We caught up on life and our relationships with the Lord and whatever else you can think of. I got to cuddle with her girls on the couch and read them books. We played outside. Ate some wonderful pb&j sandwiches with apples. And got to see just how smart her girls are! It was a really good morning and early afternoon. Virginia and I have phone dates every so often but there is nothing like talking face to face, sharing what the Lord has been teaching you and all that good stuff.

Dave, Rose, Stephanie, Cecelia-
AKA my second family, aka Normy’s family. I went across the street to their house a couple of times while I was home. It’s always entertaining over there. Dave and Rose are hilarious! And seeing Stephanie and her cute little son is always fun! Seeing how big and old Cecelia is getting makes me feel old! I remember watching her when she was only a few months old. And I’ve seen her grow up, until the last few years that is. They really are my second family! The time I spent over there this trip we just talked about life and caught up on each other’s lives.

So there you have it. All the people I hung out with and saw while I was in California! Tomorrow on the blog is I.G.I.B, and probably on Thursday I’ll post one more Cali trip recap about my time with my family. Hope to see you back here soon!


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