Our Traditions

So I’ve been back from Cali almost a full week now… And how much of my trip have I told y’all about?? Just the pups… Terrible I know… I’m sorry for that… My only excuse is sometimes playing catch-up takes up all your time for blogging. And sometimes decorating the apartment for Christmas takes priority over blogging… So here I am almost a week later with California post #2…

normyme1For those of you who don’t know… This is my best friend Normy! And this trip we got to spend a good amount of time together! Which I am incredibly thankful for! Because I miss her a whole heck of a lot! And I’m constantly trying to get her to move over here to the awesome state of Texas! Hasn’t worked yet… But maybe one day it will!

Anywho we have this tradition, dating back for quite some time, where we spend my first night in town together. So this trip wasn’t any different. She picked me up from the airport, we grabbed a late dinner snack (since I was on the plane during my dinner time and going through different time zones). And after that we decided to go out. We then discussed different places and the likelihood of running into people we would rather not see.

We finally decided on a place and headed out. So we get there and we go up to the bar to sit on these two open stools and order a drink. And right as we get to the stools the guy sitting next to one of the open stools pulls the stool toward him. Norm and I kinda look at each other like what the heck. And the guy says something I don’t remember what. Who knows what that was all about. So then we start discussing with each other what we are going to get to drink. I don’t frequent bars all that often. Like maybe once every few months if that. So I have no idea what to order. So I tell the bartender I would like something blue and fruity (generally speaking I like blue drinks, and you can’t usually go wrong with fruity ones), and Normy is rolling her eyes at me.

So we get our drinks and then decide to take the table that’s right on the other side of us. And the same guy who stole the stool from us is saying something to us about the table as well… And we are like is this saved too or can we sit here. And he goes well it’s ok for now, but later you will probably have to move… Norm and I look at each other with the what the heck look again. And then he tells us that some band or dj is coming in and setting up right on the other side of that table so they may need the space. Why he didn’t just say that from the beginning, who knows, but finally we were all squared away and cool with the guy lol.

The rest of the night was pretty low key. Hung out, got some jack in the box tacos, and had girl talk in bed like old times.

The next time we hung out was the day after thanksgiving. At which point we were carrying on another one of our traditions… Road-tripping together! We’ve gone on lots of road-trips together. All of which are adventures! This time the destination was the beach!! Which it turned out to be a beautiful day at the beach. It was in the 70’s and sunny… So stinking nice!

What did we do there you ask? Well let me show you…

clam chowderWe ate this deliciousness! Slash Cafe’s clam chowder bread bowl!! I had been looking forward to this for soooooo long! And what’s funny is I didn’t actually have to go to the beach to get it. They serve it at a restaurant in the city next to my hometown, and they sell it at costco there too… So lots of people questioned why Normy and I would go to the beach to get it… To which we said a.)we love going on road-trip adventures together, and b.) it’s the beach, who doesn’t want to go to the beach!

pismoAfter we ate we walked around to all the little shops around the town, and each bought a couple of things… Then we went and sat down on a bench at the beginning of the pier… We took lots of random pictures (which can be seen on my facebook). Played a couple of mad-libs and just enjoyed the day with each other.

normyme2No trip to the beach is complete without getting ice cream at The Scoop… It just isn’t done. So after we were done on the pier we headed on over to The Scoop to get ice cream. I got mint chocolate chip in a waffle cone, and Normy got a strawberry milkshake! Yum it was good. We took our ice cream to go and went out to see the Monarch Butterflies.


I didn’t take any pictures of the butterflies. Because they are all in huge bunches up on the tree leaves and they just look like part of the tree. But you can see there were a whole lot of them there. And as always it was cool to see them all up in the trees. And to see all the leaves with chunks out of them on the trees the butterflies had already been on. Then we headed on home!

She came for dinner at my parents house on my last night in town, which has become a tradition now too I think. She got me to try my mom’s weird salad, which I ended up liking. And we both devoured our pieces of snicker-doodle cake that my mom had made, it was sooo good!

All in all we got some very good time together. Not to say I don’t already miss her and still think she should move on over here to Texas! But it was nice to get a lot of good time together! And next year we will get to see more of each other! Because I’ll be back in Cali in April, and sometime next year she is going to come visit me here in Texas… So get ready Texas because we are going to take you for a wild ride!


2 thoughts on “Our Traditions

  1. LOVE!! I’m so glad we got to hang out as much as we did, I think it’ll help me to be more patient until April 🙂 Also, love that we have such great traditions after so long and that we now know all the 12 days of christmas (in order) lol

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