The Zoo At Home!

One of the things I’m excited for when I get to take a trip to California is this cute face

Pretty much it’s the cutest! Emma Kate and I have a special relationship… I’m her walking talking play-thing and she is my cuddle bug! Even though I don’t get to visit very often, that’s how it always is and has been with us. And really who could resist a face like that? Not me…

Last Christmas my parents got another dog. So this trip to visit was the first time I got to meet Nora Jane. I’ve seen pictures and knew she was cute… But pictures don’t do justice to her cuteness… So when I got home and saw this

I was a goner! She is adorable! She is huge already and she is only 1, so she is only going to get bigger. She hasn’t filled out either so she is still a little tall gangly thing, so cute! She is also a huge cuddle bug. So I did my fare share of cuddling with her too!

My parents also have two birds. A red-belly parrot, and a cockatoo. But this trip I failed to take pictures of them (I also failed to take pictures with my parents and some of my friends, woops! Good thing I’ll be back in April). So I won’t post any pictures of them.

But with 2 big dogs, and 2 birds you can see how sometimes the house might seem like a zoo… Especially when Finnigan, the Cockatoo, decides she wants to do her loud noises and the dogs decide it’s play time at the exact same time… Little bit of pandemonium. But that’s my parents house! It doesn’t phase us.

And now for your enjoyment… Some more pictures of those two adorable dogs! Because I can’t resist their cute faces! And because I’m missing them already!


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