I.G.I.B #8

Hello! Welcome to “I Guess I’m Blessed” Wednesday’s with Stormy Normy and myself. As always make sure to visit Normy’s blog for her post as well… And if you have a blog and would like to participate feel free! Just leave a comment directing us to your blog so we can read your posts too!

Now I realize I have not blogged since last Wednesday, so my last post was I.G.I.B #7. But this is because I was blessed to be able to take some time off and head to California for thanksgiving! I was also blessed to a couple more days than just the weekend there. I had a wonderful time. Don’t worry I will tell y’all all about it sometime this week.

I got back late last night. And I was very tired… More tired than I thought I was because I slept through my alarm this morning… Which is crazy because I think I’ve slept through my alarm maybe 3 times total in my life… But I am blessed with a roommate who woke me up in before I could sleep the day away,  and in time for me to get to work at the latest time I’m allowed to come in. I am also thankful to have a wonderful boss, and friend, who’s first reaction to me being late was to see if I was ok, and not lay into me about being late or anything like that. I am so blessed to have a boss who cares about my well-being more than punching the time clock.

I am super thankful for nasal decongestants. My allergies got a little out of control while I was in Cali and now I am dealing with the after effects. And that is making it a little easier.

Hmmm…. I Guess I’m Blessed!


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