Typing Some Letters….


Dear Lord- Thank you so much for working in my life. Thank you for all the ways you have blessed me. And I’m so thankful that you are trustworthy! That I can cling to your promises and have hope!

Dear Horseback Riding Tonight- You are going to be a blast! And I hope there are only a few of us so they give us a little more freedom to just ride.

Dear Sweet Belgium Waffle from Jamba Juice- You are so very tasty… I wish I wouldn’t have tried you… Just one more thing to not think about every morning as I pass Jamba Juice on my way to work.

Dear Craft Night- I’m excited to hang out and craft with good friends! And I’m excited to start working on some gifts!

Dear H&M- I really want to visit you again… Someday maybe…

Dear Stephani Plum- You are hilarious! And have brought me some serious laughter the last couple weeks… If you were real I’m sure we would be BFF’s!

Dear “Girl Meets World”- I’m not sure you are a good idea… But I will watch you at least for a few episodes to see how it goes… I just hope the writers don’t make you trashy like most of the shows out now-a-days.

Dear Body- You can run 4 miles at the moment… What do you say we get to 5 miles in the next week and a half… Sound good? Yup I think so too!

Dear Weekend- I’m glad you are here! I have lots of fun things planned!


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