I Guess I’m Blessed Wednesday #5

Well hello here! Welcome to another edition of “I Guess I’m Blessed!” A little feature where Normy and I share what we are thankful for/blessed by/grateful of etc. Feel free to join us by leaving a link to your post in the comment section!

I’m thankful that Jesus is still on His thrown even though there was an election yesterday. That no matter who won He would still be on His thrown.

I’m thankful for my hair products. Because without them my hair would be a disaster.

I’m thankful for retreats and how the Lord chooses to use them to speak to His people.

I’m thankful for this weekly feature. Because I’m in a funk… A blah kind of funk… But despite that it’s making me think of all that I have to be grateful for… which is a lot! (way more than I could ever hope to write down)… I guess I’m blessed!


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