To Ten Million Fireflies…

Ok so maybe not Ten Million…. But there were over 2000 people who did the firefly run! We were three of them! It was a pretty fun run. It would have been more fun had the course not had so many street lights lit up. But I know that wouldn’t have been too safe.

It was 2.96 miles according to my nike+gps app on my phone, so a little shorter than a full 5k. And we ran it in a little less than 28 minutes according to our timing chips from the race. So we did pretty good I’d say!

Our next race is in February. And instead of doing a 5k we are moving on up to a 10k… 6.2 miles… So we will be running for around an hour straight… Fun stuff! We don’t have that much further to go to be able to do it though. Because on our good days we can probably run around 4.5-5 miles. We’ve just never pushed that far because we had things to do and needed to get done with our run, or we just didn’t feel like it. But starting probably sometime this week we will be pushing further and further! 




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