Straight Up Now Tell Me…

Things are about to get serious up in here… Hope y’all are ready for it…

First… Our next 5k… Ya, it’s in 2 days. Holla! And I’m pretty sure for both Lydia and me we feel most prepared for this one… Our first one we had never run 3.1 miles outside, we had done it on the treadmill but not outside… And our second one… Well pretty sure I was only at 2 miles fitness, and my knee was still a little messed up… Lydia was prepared for our second one… But this one… It’s in the bag! We run 3.5 miles like it’s nothing!… And we only need 3.1 of those!

Second… In 20 days I will be on a jet-plane to Cali! Word G-Man! It’s been a year… Which is a shorter time since I’ve been home than last year when I went home… But still crazy talk! It always sneaks up on me so fast! It’s going to be a good trip!

Between these two events life is about to get cah-ray-aaa-zzz-yyyyy!… Ok well it’s already crazy. But still… It’s going to be a fun night. There is horse-back riding, sky-high, craft nights, football games, church, youth group, work outs, work, sleep, eating, showering, a hair cut, and probably lots lots more! But don’t worry… I’ll make sure to keep right on blogging about it all!… And you… You just make sure you are ready for it! 🙂 Love y’all!


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