I Guess I’m Blessed #4

Holla! It’s “I Guess I’m Blessed” Wednesday! With the lovely Stormy Normy (whose post is already up, so click on her name to go read her post too!) and myself. Like always feel free to join us, and just leave a comment directing us to your blog so we can pop on over there too!

Alright let’s get down to my Attitude of Gratitude!

Sometime on Saturday morning I lost my licence. Aka that means a trip to the good ol’ DMV… Now I know what you are probably thinking… “If you are trying to have an attitude of gratitude why are you mentioning the DMV” or “Honey the DMV and gratitude don’t even belong in the same sentence”… And most times I would agree with you…

But I am thankful for the DMV… Say what?… Yes you heard me… I’m thankful for the DMV. Because that’s where you get your license that enables you to drive legally! And I am very thankful for the ability to drive a car… Cars make life a little easier… And for that I’m thankful…

Also I’m thankful that the DMV’s I’ve been to here in Texas have chairs for you to sit in while you are waiting to hear your number called… It makes the wait time not so bad since you aren’t standing for most of it.

What else am I grateful for?

The right to vote! I am grateful I live in a country where I get a say in who will govern us, on what bond measures get passed, on amendments to constitutions, etc.

The hill at the park we run at… Because while it may stink going up… Going down allows me to breathe deep to catch my breath so that I end up being able to run farther.

Leftover Canadian thanksgiving food! Yum!

My eyes finally accepting my contacts again!

Sweet tea.

And so so so much more… I guess I’m blessed.


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