The Angel’s Did Sing

This song came on my Christmas Pandora Station today…

I love me some N’Sync Christmas! Some of my favorites for sure! Their version of Oh Holy Night is Ama-zing!

And yes I know it’s not even Halloween yet… But I’ve been listening to Christmas music on and off for a couple of weeks now… I just couldn’t last any longer. So I gave in. It’s just sooo good!

But can you believe that after these past couple weeks of listening to it on and off, today was the first time the station played Little Drummer Boy? I’ve probably listened to close to 24 hours of Christmas music and finally today they played that song… Took them long enough! I don’t usually like songs on Pandora (because if you like too much you don’t get as much variety)… But I made sure to like that one! Maybe it will get the hint to play that song more!

Anywho enough about Christmas music….

Let’s talk about the weather… It’s been fall-like here in Texas the last couple days… 60’s during the day and 40’s at night… And yesterday when I got home from work I changed into sweats… For the first time since last year… I didn’t have on socks, that would have been too hot… But the sweats were nice… And I realized something…. But if I tell you, you have to promise not to tell anyone ok? You promise???… alright here goes….




I realized…. I just might be ok with letting the 80 degree temps go away till next year… Just might be…. Because those sweats… Well they were mighty cozy yesterday… I kinda missed them… And since I’ve been listening to Christmas Music some hot chocolate has sounded real nice…. So maybe just maybe I’d be ok with sending off the summer temps…

But just in case I’m not ok with it… Don’t fear… It’s supposed to be back in the 80’s on Thursday… 🙂


One thought on “The Angel’s Did Sing

  1. I love that you are listening to Christmas music already! I haven’t started quite yet, but i have started playing some Christmas tunes on the piano (of course when my roommates aren’t home because i don’t want them to get tired of it too soon). I just can’t help it, Christmas tunes are my favorite! So.. you go girl!

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