Last Christmas I Gave You My Heart…

So a very long time ago before I stopped pinning things on pinterest I got the idea to make one of those nifty nail/string art in the shape of a Moose for Normy’s Christmas present last year….

Well… I’m mostly terrible at actually sitting down and doing the crafts that I want to do… But it didn’t get done in time for Christmas… So I apologized and said I would get it to her sometime… So the idea sat and sat… I did try back around the time we first did our mantel to get a piece of wood and some nails to do it… But I bought a nice piece of oak… And has anyone tried to nail into a piece of oak… Not easy… Also the nails I bought were not right. First I got some long nails, but they were too long… Then I tried roofing nails, but their heads were too big… So then it sat… again…

But a couple of weekends ago Laura wanted to have a craft day… Which I was totally game for… I started coming up with all the things I might want to do… And then Lydia kindly said, maybe you should finish Normy’s Christmas present from last year… Seemed like a perfect idea to me… So that’s what I did.

Before getting to Laura’s house I stopped by Lowe’s to get nails that would work. I took some of the yarn we had left over from wrapping the bottles for our mantel for the inside of it. I already had the moose outline I wanted to use from when I first thought of the idea. Laura let me use some of her wood, and her wood stain. And I had bought a hammer when I first bought the oak wood and the original nails. So I was set.

Here is the finished product. (Normy, hope you don’t mind me telling the whole world about your Christmas present… I figured you wouldn’t mind lol)




2 thoughts on “Last Christmas I Gave You My Heart…

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