That One Time I Forgot I.G.I.B…

I have a funny story for you on this fine Thursday…. So yesterday was Wednesday… And on the blog Wednesday’s mean “I Guess I’m Blessed” time… But I didn’t post a “I Guess I’m Blessed” post…. I completely for-got!

I remembered on Tuesday that the next day was “I Guess I’m Blessed” and started to think of the many blessings in my life this week. But then come Wednesday… Left my mind… gone…

I knew it was Wednesday allllll day… I even came to the good ol’ blog and posted a post…. And neither of those things triggered my memory of it being “I Guess I’m Blessed Day”…

But wait it gets better… I just text Stormy Normy saying I forgot about I.G.I.B. And her response was that she was literally just about to text me telling me that as well! Her days were thrown off and she didn’t realize it was Wednesday… And she even came to my blog yesterday to read my post and it didn’t trigger her memory of I.G.I.B either…

Man oh man aren’t we so good at this weekly feature blogging thing? Yup we are the BEST!…. NOT!!!! Probably I should set a reminder in my phone so that I remember… That seems to be the only way I remember things lately…


There we go, now I won’t forget again… It is also set as a repeating reminder! Good thing too!


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