10-11-12 And A New Perspective

It’s such a fun date today! 10-11-12! Fun dates always bring me back to Honors Algebra II and Trig with Mrs. Rialon. She loved fun dates too and would always make mention of them. Days like 3-14, Pie day. I was also in her class for 3-4-5. Oh the high school memories.

Anywho… Just real quick I wanted to mention that if you didn’t read Stormy Normy’s post from yesterday, you totally need to! The Lord’s timing is perfect and she has a story proving it (not that it needs proof) once again!

And now the meat and potatoes of this blog post…

I got a call two nights ago from Toni, a good friend in Cali. She was calling to let me know someone had passed away. We then got to talking about life and she was saying how she keeps up with me on Facebook and that I’ve been doing this and that and going here and there, and all that. My response was ” I know life is so busy right now” in a kind of whiny tone. Then she said something that stuck with me, and I wasn’t sure why until a little bit ago.

Toni’s response was “But it’s a good busy, you are having the time of your life over there in Texas.”

This week I have been whiny about being so busy. I’ve been letting it make me be a little stressed. And I’ve been allowing my tiredness to make me a little grumpy. My attitude has been one that thinks “I have to be at all these things, I have to do all these things, have to, have to, have to.”

It hasn’t been about wanting to, or enjoyment, it was have to… And that’s not a very good attitude to have. Toni’s right, I am having the time of my life over here in Texas. And it’s because of all these things that are making me so “busy.” Toni’s statement stuck with me because I needed to realize my attitude had shifted away from wanting to, and enjoying the things that I do. It had shifted away from consciously making the choice to really live life (the life the Lord wants me to have).

That’s not how I want to live. I want to consciously make the choice to really live life. I want to choose to do the things that I do, to first and foremost worship the Lord and give Him all the glory, to love on and encourage those around me, and because I enjoy doing these things.

And so now with this renewed perspective I’m taking the Lord’s hand and starting again!



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