Girly Girl

So Sunday night we kicked off the fall season of Life-Apps (basically small groups meeting on Sunday night’s). My friend Michelle was there wearing a very cute top. So naturally I asked her where she got it from. She told me from H&M.

I had never been to an H&M store, or even looked online at their clothes. But when I lived in P-town a bunch of people talked about their store and how much they missed it and all that. So I had heard the name and knew some people who loved it already. And then when I saw Michelle’s cute top, I decided I needed to check the store out.

So I went to their website yesterday and found like 5 fall tops I wanted (all at prices I would be willing to pay)… Yikes… So after work and before family dinner last night I decided I would pop on in to the store just to have a looksies…. Umm I pretty much wanted around 30 things! I took multiple things to into the fitting rooms to try on. But ended up only walking out with 1 shirt. It took so much will-power to only buy the one shirt… (I will be going back soon-ish because there is a pair of pants I wanted for work but they didn’t have my size)

I walked out of the store feeling like a real girly girl… Which is weird… It’s weird that I want to wear cute girly, trendy clothes… Never have before…. Just more proof I finally turned girly…



2 thoughts on “Girly Girl

    • 🙂 thanks! I love it too! You will spend less money by not having an H&M to shop at! Because I’m pretty sure you would want like everything in the store like me! lol

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