Hold Tight!

Last night was the first night since before I left for P-town that I slept for 8 hours… It felt soooo good… Yes my hair got thrown up into a ponytail and looks a little crazy this morning… But it is so worth it because I actually feel a little human today… Instead of zombie tired girl… Praising the Lord for that for sure!

I’m also praising the Lord this morning because He answers prayer! So last night I’m laying in bed talking to the Lord before going to sleep. And I knew how tired I was… I also could feel Grumps McGee coming on because of how tired I was… Since nobody likes Grumps McGee, I asked the Lord to help me not be Grumps McGee today.

And guess what? He totally answered my prayer! I was driving to work this morning. And right before I turn onto the street that the freeway entrance is on, Sanctus Real’s (who is by far my favoritest band ever) new song called Promises came on. I love the song, of course. And I’m singing along. I turn down the street to get to the freeway entrance and there are a lot of cars trying to merge off the freeway as well as a line of cars in front of me trying to merge on. It’s a little messy and people aren’t really going about it in the easiest way. But I keep singing along and it doesn’t even phase me. And then as I’m on the on-ramp speeding up there is a car in the lane I need to merge into and it starts turning into a mess and I feel myself start to get a little grumpy and I have this thought “No need to get grumpy just keeping singing the song about Jesus.” So that’s what I did, I just kept singing about Jesus! The chorus of the song goes like this “Hold on to the Promises, Hold on to the Promises, Jesus is alive so hold tight, Hold on to the Promises.” And the grumpiness that I had felt starting to come on was gone! It was replaced by joy and the knowledge that the Lord was totally answering my prayer and helping me not be Grumps McGee! Man He is SOOOO GOOD!!



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