I Guess I’m Blessed Wednesday

Well hello there! Welcome to “I Guess I’m Blessed Wednesday”!! What is it you ask? I am so glad you asked! It is a new feature here on the blog! Every Wednesday Stormy Normy and I are going to post blogs about things we are thankful for, blessed by, grateful for, etc. So come back every Wednesday for our attitudes of gratitude. And if you happen to have a blog yourself we would be honored if you would join in with us! Just leave a comment on either of our blogs (Normy’s is linked through her name above) with your link and we will make sure to pop on by and show some love! And maybe someday we’ll learn how to make an official link-up with a button and everything!

So without further ado here’s what I’m feeling blessed by/thankful for:

1. My Texas family. Plain and simple- they rock! They have made Texas feel like home. Part of the reason why I love Texas so much is because of them. They have taught me so much about how to love and how to bless people. They are always there to pray for and encourage me. They genuinely care about how I’m doing, and they lovingly call me out when I try to lie about how I am. Their love for Jesus inspires me to love Him more and allow Him to work in my life more.

This week I’m feeling even more blessed by them because they helped me celebrate my birthday. We had dinner and dessert of my choosing! And when I chose not to have birthday cake they put up with it like champs! They also blessed me with some amazing gifts, even when they didn’t have to.

2. Clean water to drink. You all know I got into the bachelorette this past season, well the guy Emily picked, Jef, works for this company called People Water. And they have a drop for drop initiative. Meaning for every drop of water they sell they provide the same amount of clean water to somewhere in need. Now I’m not too familiar with how they do this, or if they are the best company out there doing it. I do follow Jef and some of the other People Water employee’s on twitter and they post a lot about bringing clean water to people and all that.

So the fact that so many places in the world do not have access to clean water has been on my mind a lot more lately. Especially since I drink at least 64 ounces of water a day myself. And I don’t have to do all that much to get the water to drink. I can simply walk down to the kitchen and fill my water bottle from the tap.

3. And last but not least for this week is my best friend Normy. I have to give all credit to her for this idea. I’ve been wanting to start a weekly post for a while and today I decided it would be on Wednesday’s. But I couldn’t come up with any good ideas on what it would be about. So I sent her a text message and asked for some ideas and she came up with the blessed/thankful idea. And if that wasn’t enough she also came up with the name “I guess I’m Blessed.” She is so creative!

She also wrote some very sweet words about our friendship on her blog today and I could not have said them better myself. I’m so glad her parents decided to buy and build their house on the empty lot diagonal from my parents house so many years ago. Because if they hadn’t we wouldn’t be best friends today… I guess I’m blessed!




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