Speak Now

The sunrise was gorgeous this morning! Just had to share some pictures before I could say anything.

The Lord totally knew what I needed this morning even if I didn’t think I needed anything. He painted this beautiful sunrise. And then as I was reading a blog spoke to me. I’m not going to try to summarize the blog post or anything I’m just going to give you the link so you can go read it for yourself. It is good stuff. So before you read on go here and read Kayla’s blog post.

So last night I celebrated my birthday with my Texas family. It was a good time. Dinner was delicious! We had grilled cheese and tomato soup. MMM MMM good. For dessert we had Louisiana Fruit Salad and Fruit with Fruit Dip…. No birthday cake, which I have a funny story about.

Lynne, Lila, and I went to the grocery store before dinner to get the food. We were in the baking aisle getting peach pie filling for the fruit salad and Lila says “How come you don’t like birthday cake?” To which I tried to explain that I do like birthday cake but I wanted fruit instead of birthday cake. She replied with “But why don’t you like birthday cake?” So then I asked her if she wanted me to get her some frosting so she could eat that while the rest of us ate fruit for dessert and she said yes. So then we were both happy :). It made me laugh though because she thought I was crazy for not liking birthday cake. Love that little girl!


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