Best News Of My Life

So this morning as I was catching up on all the blogs that I read I came across one from Friday that said “Dear Frankie Muniz you ate dinner with my husband last night…” (credit here). And I freaked out, and was seriously jealous!! I want to eat dinner with Frankie Muniz. Pretty sure I still have a major childhood crush on that man! So then in my jealously I read on and what do I find out…

FRANKIE MUNIZ IS IN A BAND!!!! Say what?! Yes that’s right he is in a band… But wait it gets better….

I then scroll down looking at the pictures she posted of that said dinner and what do I see???

FRANKIE MUNIZ IS THE DRUMMER!!!! Oh my word! Let me just tell you I swooned…. Sad to admit, but it’s true. My childhood crush just grew by like 110%… I didn’t think His cute self could get any more cute… And yet I was completely wrong… Grown-up Drummer Frankie Muniz= Hot!

I’m no sure why I just exposed this kind of embarrassing celebrity crush that I’ve had since childhood… But I did… So there you go, please don’t hold it against me 🙂


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