3 Goals

So real quick before I get into my 3 goals for the year I want to tell y’all that this is my 100th post! Can you believe it! Crazy. Seems like it should be some momentous occasion, but it’s not :).

Anywho… Goals for the year…

Well first let me report on my goals from last year. If you don’t remember, or haven’t read my blog for that long, I will refresh your memory…. I decided I would only have 2 goals (because I couldn’t come up with a 3rd). They were… 1. To get into grad school and 2. Make it a year of loving other people.

I did not accomplish the first one goal… But it’s ok, because a.) I’m trusting in the Lord’s timing and b.) It’s not the end of the world, I can always apply again (and have applied again).

When it comes to the second goal, it’s kind of hard to judge. Before I left for P-Town I was thinking about it and I would have told you I that I failed at that goal too… But then I went to P-Town. And I realized just how deeply I have come to love and care for the people in my life here in Texas (not saying I don’t love and care for the people in my life in Cali and P-Town, because I do, I just already knew how deep it was for them, also not saying that the first year I lived in Texas I didn’t love and care for the people here, because I did).

What I am saying is that my first year here in Texas I was very guarded, I loved and cared for people but I also protected my heart at the same time. I didn’t allow myself to fully open my heart to them. And a lot of it was because of fear of being rejected or hurt, and also a lot of it had to do with the fact that as of now the plan is to live here for grad school and then move on. And if I didn’t fully open my heart to these people it would be easier to leave.

Throughout my entire first year here the Lord and I were in a constant argument about this. And by argument I mean He lovingly kept telling me I should, and showing me I needed to and I kept not doing it. I heard what He was saying and knew I needed to but I just didn’t do it.

But throughout this last year I stopped guarding my heart. And I fully opened it up to the people here. And I realized this when I went to P-Town. Through telling people about my life, and through text messages I received from people in Texas while being gone, and through how much I missed my family and friends here.

So in that regard I don’t think I failed at my second goal. I know in other regards I didn’t do so hot. I know that I loved selfishly a lot of the time. But I am working on that with the Lord’s help. And the Lord is still graciously teaching me about unselfish love and I am going to continue to work on this all my life.

So there you have it, my year in review of my two goals.

And now my 3 goals for this year.

1. Get accepted in to Grad school… I kind of feel like a cheater using this one since it’s not original from this year, I used it last year. But it is still a goal of mine. And I’m going to actively try harder to accomplish this one this year.

2. I would like to reach my goal weight. This is not because I’ m not content in my body, or I think I’ll like myself better if I lose weight. It is about living a healthier lifestyle. Of being a good steward of the body the Lord has blessed me with.

3. I want to be able to run 10 miles straight. I think 10 miles is a good number to get to. I don’t know if I have any desire to run more than that. I know a half marathon is only like 3ish miles more than that. So we’ll see. For right now 10 seems like a good number. I also think this goal is totally accomplish-able. I can run 4 miles on a treadmill and probably around 3.5 outside. And in February we are running a 10k (which is 6.2 miles). Which will leave me 7 months to get the final 4 miles. Totally do-able!

There you have it. My three goals for the year. I’m also going to keep going on the loving goal. Because that’s just a good goal to have all the time. And I’ll try to do at least a few updates on how I’m progressing on my goals this year.


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