IIIIII’mmmm Back

Holla! I got back Tuesday night…. And I would have posted a blog yesterday but… It was a very rough morning and I was spending my time turning my mood from grumpy to joyful, with the Lord’s help that is!

But today, no more grumpiness! It was a good morning! So here I am ready to blog!

My P-town vacay was really good! It was so good to go and visit friends and have a good time. I did not get to see everyone that I would have liked too, things just didn’t work out for that. But other than that it was a really good trip.

And instead of boring you all with a play-by-play of the trip (especially since I facebook status-ed most of what I did), I’m going to show you some pictures. But I found this new free app called pic stitch (awesome app btw!) which puts pictures together like you see people doing on instagram now-a-days. I realize on here it’s just going to look like I sized them smaller and formatted them like a champ… But it was not me it was the app!


And that is about the extent of the photo’s I took… There are a few pictures on my actual camera, but not many. I was much more into just hanging out with people than taking pictures of what we were doing.

Since I’m not doing a boring play-by-play if there is a portion of the trip you would like to hear about then please leave a comment letting me know and I’ll probably end up blogging about it :).

I’ll be back tomorrow with more about my birthday and my 3 goals for the year.


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