First new news: I got my hair cut last night! Finally… The last time I cut it was 5 and a half months ago… Yikes… And guess how much it grew?? Yup that’s right 2 whole inches… That is crazy talk! Pretty sure when my hair was long it took me like 1 and a half years to grow 2 inches! But it’s ok. Because those 2 inches are gonezo! And my hair is short again! I went a little shorter on the bangs this time, mostly so I have a longer time without having to pin them back everyday!


Second new news: (This one takes a little back story first)… Ok so you know how I am obsessed with

And this: 

Yes well if you didn’t know… Now you do! Wonderful. So over here in Texas they sell the first item (Tillamook cheese, especially Colby Jack). This makes me excited. They sold it in a few stores when I first moved here and now it’s in most of the stores! Holla!

But…. Sadly they have not started selling Tillamook Ice Cream… Which is total crazy talk, because it’s THE BEST! Like for reals, the best! And the one pictured above is heavenly. So I have been missing it for 2 years! T-W-O! Way too long, that is for sure! So I have been searching high and low for a brand over here that sells something even remotely close to Udderly Chocolate. And have been so unsuccessful! Baskin Robbins has one that is similar, but for the price of 2 scoops there I could get a half gallon-full gallon at the store…. Total lame-sauce…

Ok so here is where the new news starts: This weekend my roommate and I found a similar ice cream! Can you believe it? Do you know how excited this makes me? Oh my goodness soooo excited… Now don’t get me wrong it will never replace Tillamook Udderly Chocolate ice cream in my heart. But it will satisfy my craving and hold me over until the next time I go over to the West Coast and can get some… Ok, now without further ado here is the similar ice cream 

The only two differences (besides not being from Tillamook) is this one has white-chocolate chunks while Udderly Chocolate has milk chocolate chunks, and this one has fudge swirls in it whereas Udderly Chocolate does not. But all in all this one is very good and like I said will suffice until I can get the real thing!

The third new news (and probably most exciting): I AM LEAVING FOR P-TOWN TONIGHT! Oh my goodness!!!! So excited!


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