Butch The Grasshopper

Hello All!

So for a precious 10 minutes this morning I had a pet here at work… It was quite a feat for this guy, considering I am 20 floors up. Not sure how he got way up here, or how he plans to get down, but I “enjoyed” (by enjoy I really mean was grossed out) Him none-the-less for those precious ten minutes. Then he continued on his way up the building to the next floor. So here is my farewell address to him…

Dear Butch, (I named him)… I will not miss you and your creepy looking ways… I’m sort of glad you went on your merry way… Although it was a bit nice to have a pet for those short 10 minutes. Not nice enough to want to keep you though! Have a good life. Hope you make it down to the ground safely at some point. Good-bye

Butch the grasshopper



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