Happy Monday! 🙂 I am a little perky at the moment… The Dr. Pepper I just drank might have something to do with it… Also the fact that I leave in 2 and a half days (today is half over!) might be contributing as well!

I had a busy weekend (probably why I needed the Dr. Pepper). But it was a good weekend. Friday night I got my roommate to start watching Veronica Mars! So good! I’m excited to re-watch them all again! Saturday we got up and worked out and then cleaned house. I had a meeting to go to. After my meeting we headed out to Free Museum Entrance Day! We went to the Fine Arts Museum and the Museum of Natural Science and History (Pictures at the end of this post. Then we headed out to a BBQ for youth group! (AKA we had some good eats that night! Bob can cook some mean BBQ, it’s soooooooo good!!!!) Sunday was church, and an REI and Costco trip, and a grocery shopping trip (not food for me I accompanied Laura on her trip). Then we ate some amazingly delicious beef fajita quesadilla’s!

I am also way way way way excited for my trip. Like I said it’s so close! It is going to be a blast! And look at the weather for some of the days I’m there!

Glorious I tell you glorious! I am excited to see friends and hang out and catch up! I’m excited to meet some of my friends new little ones, that have been born since I’ve been gone! I’m excited to see mountains! And I’m hoping I’ll get to see some pretty fall colored leaves (may be a bit early, especially since they’ve been having weather like this), so we’ll see about this one.

And now I’ll leave you with some pictures from the Museums. (Side note: Any of the name plate descriptions will be for the picture directly above it)

I would not want to encounter this shark! Would you?




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