Loads Of Awesome!

What up? I hope all is well with y’all!

First order of business is to share with you some pictures of yesterday morning and this mornings sunrise. 2 from each. I wish my phone would capture them better because for reals they are so much prettier in person. And I almost brought my actual camera today but I decided not to. And then I got to work and was kicking myself because it was so pretty! Anywho here are the pics:

See gorgeous huh? Yup. This is why all of you should move to Texas. The sunrises and sunsets make it worth it by themselves! Then add-on all the awesomeness that is Texas… And what do you get? A seriously awesome place to live!

You know what else is awesome? The fact that in 5 days I will be headed to P-town! SO AWESOME! And I am way beyond excited. Like way beyond. This is probably because I usually start getting excited 2 weeks before and the excitement slowly grows until it’s the day before. But this time I couldn’t really do that. You see I had to finish my grad school application and get it in the mail by yesterday. So I could not let any excitement in because I had to focus on getting that completed and sent off…. But I put it in the mail yesterday and let loose my control on my excitement… And it has taken off… So all my excitement that I kept down for the last week and a half is now coming out… Like I said beyond excited!

Oh and speaking of my grad school application…. I sent it off… So if y’all could say a couple of prayers that I get in (if it is the Lord’s plan that is), I would very much appreciate it!

Let’s see… what other awesomeness can I let you in on…

My birthday is in 10 days.

It’s the weekend! (in case you didnt already know)

Club Crackers… (They are delicious!)

The iPhone 5 is u-g-l-y and it ain’t got not alibi…. (which is awesome because now I’m not even tempted by it!)

And lastly (but actually the most awesome ever), the Lord is so good!


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