Run Balloons Run!

First things first… Notice anything different?? Yes I picked a different blog design… Isn’t it so fun? And cute? I love it! (The balloons scroll a bit with the page… it’s awesome). It fits me at the moment! So there ya have it…

So as you probably saw on Facebook yesterday I was excited to take my first outdoor run in 4 long months… Like way excited! Running on the treadmill just doesn’t cut it, I miss running outside when I’m stuck indoors all summer. So since we have had a “cool” front come through I decided to run outdoors. It felt wonderful! I went 2.58 which is way further than I thought I was going to get. And I was breathing fine, my legs were just a little tired and I decided not to push too hard on my first one out. Especially since I saw from my Nike+Gps app that it had actually been 5 months since I ran outside… So yes so wonderful! I look forward to more runs outside soon. 🙂

I also feel inclined to tell you all that 1 week from today I will be boarding onto a Jet Plane bound for P-town! And I am absolutely ECSTATIC!!!!!!!! Like for reals! So excited!

That’s all I wanted to share today. Pop on by tomorrow for Confession Thursday. 🙂


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