Cappin’ On The Weekend!

Y’all I had a wonderful weekend. It wasn’t too busy, but it wasn’t uneventful either. It was just the right amount!

Friday night we went with the youth group to Sky High (it is a huge warehouse filled with trampolines, and they even have a foam pit you can jump off trampolines into). It was great fun. But after an hour and a half to an hour and forty-five minutes of jumping man oh man are you tired. My roommate snapped some pictures. And I’m sure you’ve seen them on Facebook. I just would like to highlight two of them.


My awesome roommate has mastered the jump and make a face at the camera action… She would smile or do a fake scared picture (see above)

Whereas I could not do anything but look  scared for my life (which in fact was pretty dead on to how I felt every time I would jump into that foam pit). See below

Anywho, we got some pictures of the youth that went and will be putting them in a slide show for church next Sunday. Should be fun.

Yesterday, with the help of my roommate I rearranged, and reorganized my room. It feels so much bigger in there now and we are not quite sure why. But hey I’ll take it! I like it a lot.

The bookshelf used to be where the darker dresser is (I just got the darker dresser). The cardboard signs along with the state art used to be on the wall above my bed. And the picture frame above my bed used to lean against the wall behind my door (I finally put pictures in it last weekend). It is also hung to the side because I’m hoping to get another one to hang next to it but a little below (so they are staggered).

And now just because here are a few updated countdowns 🙂

15 Days till I leave for P-town
16 Days till I am in Seattle (why yes I am taking a quick jaunt up to Seattle the first full day I will be in the Northwest)
20 Days till my 24th Bday
78 Days till Cali



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