Why yes this roll of toilet paper is on my desk today. What? You never bring a roll of toilet paper to work? Then clearly you are not as cheap as I am. You see I use toilet paper as Kleenex because I already have it. No sense in spending more money on Kleenex when I can just use toilet paper. Yes my work supplies some Kleenex but it is not very soft. And after a day of blowing my nose 100 times, I decided some gold ol’ kirkland brand toilet paper would be much easier on my nose today. So here it is in all it’s glory! (Ps I’m not sick, my allergies are just going craazzayy!)

Anywho…. That is not the point of the post… This is


Yup!!! Last night I went to the Giants vs the lAstro’s baseball game. It was game 3 of the series. Yes I am wearing orange at an Astro’s game… And no it is not for the throwback to the old Astro’s colors. My Orange was strictly for the GIANTS!! And Yes The Giants did win! In fact they won all 3 of the games in the series… I believe that is called a SWEEP!


I made my roommate root for the Giants… Although I don’t actually know how much rooting she did. So mainly I just made her wear orange in support of the Giants. While Jess, Laura, Lynne, and Lila all rooted for the Astros, of course.


We had some pretty decent seats. I enjoyed them. And I’m pretty sure my brother might have seen me on tv. Crazy huh! Although he did keep telling me to move to different seats so that they could fully see me. But I was comfy in our seats.

And now a story about the world being a small world… So I forget what inning we were in. But Lynne is sitting in the row behind me, and Lydia, Jess, Laura, and Lila are out and about walking around somewhere… And I’m just sitting watching the game… When all of a sudden I hear this guy coming down the seats in the row behind me and he says “You look like a Juliann to me” So I turn around to look at him and thinking “Where do I know this guy from… Must be from Cali, but I don’t remember him if I do know him… Who’s friend of one of my friends is he… Have I ever met him,” you know all the standard who is this guy questions. So as I turn around and am thinking all that I say “Ya I am, how do you know?” And he proceeds to tell me he is one of my brother’s fiance’s (Heather) really good friends, that he had posted on facebook that he was at the game and Heather text him and told him I was there and they told him where I was at and that he should come find me. (Also during that time my brother had been trying to call me and tell me that he was coming to find me and all that, but my phone was in my purse and I didn’t hear it). So this guy (His name is Jon) stayed and chatted for a bit, and then we took a picture together for proof. And then he went off on his own to explore again.


Here we are: the proof “it’s a small world”

So we all had a good time at the game. I was excited the Giants won. Especially after like the 2nd or 3rd the Astro’s were up 4-0… And the Giants came back and won 8-4! Had a good time rooting for the Giants while the rest of the group boo-ed me and cheered for the Astro’s.


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