Confession #3

It’s Thursday!!!! And I’m excited to go to the Giants vs lAstros game tonight! The Giants have won the last two nights! Here’s to hoping they can close it out tonight and sweep!

It also is Confesh Sesh Thursday with my friend Meredith. Just a fair warning about my confession today… It might be a little T.M.I. So proceed at your own risk…

I am…. (you sure you want to read this?)… a nervous pee-er…. Like when there is a line at the bathroom and I go in a stall, it takes me awhile to be able to go… Or if a friend comes with me to the bathroom but doesn’t have to go and they are waiting by the sink or wherever, takes me forever to go… Or if someone is in the stall next to me in a quiet bathroom, definitely can not go!… Or if I have to go before leaving the house and someone says hurry up, yikes!

I don’t know why this is… I know peeing is a normal body function. And I know most people don’t pay attention to others in the bathroom, most people are focused on their own business. It doesn’t matter I just can’t go. Or it takes me forever and I have to seriously focus and tune everything else out.

Now for the most part it’s not that big of a deal… It’s just slightly annoying… But at work it straight up stinks…

Why you ask? Well you see, our bathroom has two stalls… count them one-two. That’s it… There are ten ladies in my office plus all the ladies in the offices of the two other companies on our floor. So very rarely do you get the bathroom all to yourselves, and when you do you can almost bet someone is going to walk in at some point soon. Also it’s a very quiet bathroom, there is no music, there isn’t a lot of flushing going on since it’s only two stalls…. Total torture for a nervous pee-er!

So to give you just one example of how it actually effects/affects (not sure which one) me, I have a story for you…

One day I walked into the bathroom and there was a lady from one of the other companies on our floor in the bathroom. Right away I knew it would take me a while… But then it got worse… As I walk by the stall she’s in, to get to the other one, this lady sprays some of the air freshener we have in there and then says “For your protection”…. At this point I thought to myself I should just leave and come back later because I already know I’m not going to be able to go… But silly me I continued into the stall… It only got more awkward after that, and I’ll spare you all those details… Just know I did end up leaving without going pee (which was a bummer because I really had to go.)

So there you have it… My confession for this week… Sorry if it was T.M.I. for some of you… But I felt like I should just lay it out there.



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