Something has come over me this week… And I’m not sure what… But it’s made my mind temporarily insane when it comes to working out…

For some unknown reason I have thought it was a good idea to do 35 minutes of cardio and then do a Jillian Michael’s workout dvd…. (I told you something has come over me!)

Monday I was on the elliptical machine with resistance level 5 and went 35 minutes (3.1 miles) and then, as you probably saw on Facebook, we decided to do the killer buns and thighs dvd… Probably not the best idea… Because I’m pretty sure that dvd is hard enough just doing it by itself… But after 35 minutes on the elliptical…. It was killer… I about died…. My muscles were burning… And I’m pretty sure I wimped out for most of the exercises… As in I stopped before she said stop, or I would take a small break to allow the intense (and I mean INTENSE) burning to subside and then start again…. And we didn’t finish the last circuit in the workout… We Were DONE!

Tuesday morning I woke up and miraculously I could still walk!! And I wasn’t that sore… It was a short-lived miracle because throughout the day my legs started feeling more and more sore…. But I could still walk without too much pain…

So apparently that meant oh good let’s do another super intense workout today…

So I ran 3.5ish miles (not completely sure how far because the circuit blew on part of the gym shortly after I started and I had to switch to the other treadmill and I hadn’t looked recently on how far I had gone)… And then again my mind went temporarily insane… And we turned on Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred dvd…. I told you something came over me! For reals I went crazy…

This morning when I first woke up, I wasn’t that sore… Which I was thanking the Lord for majorly because I had to do two extra trips up and down the stairs to put my drums in the car and had I been super sore that would have been rough… We’ll see how I feel throughout the rest of the day though…

But I think I have regained my sanity… Because I am not working out at all today (so looking forward relaxing my legs)… And I don’t plan on doing more than my normal workout on Thursday (if I even get to that since we are going to the Giants vs lAstros game that evening). Let’s hope right?


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