Tubing Trip

So last week at this time I was getting ready to float down a river

And boy do I wish I was there tubing down the river again today… Especially since the sky outside looks like this

Anywho… It was a fun-filled trip. We left Thursday night. We got to the campsite around 10:30 and set up camp. And went to sleep in our air-conditioned tent! I know I know that isn’t roughing it… But it sure is nice to not rough it!

Friday morning we leisurely got up ate breakfast and hung around the campsite a bit. Then got ready to go tubing around 10. We floated the river once. Then went and got lunch and dinner stuff. Took it back to the campsite had lunch. Then headed over to the river to float down it again. We spent some time swimming at the “slippery rocks” as Lila calls them. And then floated the river again. Swam some more and then headed back to the campsite to cook dinner.

Saturday morning we again leisurely woke up ate breakfast and then broke down camp. Then we headed off to Cabela’s and spent some time wandering around in that huge store! (Us girls were going to go to the outlets there but it was tax-free weekend and we figured it would be insanely busy, so we chose to go to Cabela’s with the guys). Then we went to lunch at Logan’s roadhouse. After that we stopped at Buc-ee’s for a “royal flush” (as one of their signs states) and then headed back home.

Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure 🙂










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