Finally after months and months of wanting a new iPhone case… I bought one! My case has been looking a little sad lately, as some people like to point out fairly often (*cough* Laura *cough*). I had picked out 5 to put on my birthday list (I want a couple different cases so I can switch them out every so often so I don’t get bored). But I didn’t get any of those because I couldn’t decide which one I wanted the most. So I started searching for a different kind of case to buy.

I found the brand I had been wanting for a while and some cute colors. And after a few emails to Laura and my co-worker Clara… I chose one, added it to my shopping cart and checked out! It will be at my apartment between next Tuesday and Thursday so says amazon’s email to me.

I am really excited for it to come. I’m hoping it’s as cute as it is in the picture. One of the reviews said the coloring was a bit different from the picture, so we’ll see…

And since I know you are probably all dying to see what case I bought here it is (ok you probably could not care less but I’m going to show you anyways)

(Side note about the picture: I opened it in paint and used the paint brush to make the phone white. I have the white iPhone. But none of the pictures of cases show the white iPhone. They only show the black one. So in order to get the full effect I made it white in paint.)

See isn’t it so cute? I totally think so!


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