Confession #2

It’s Thursday! And I’ll be once again joining Meredith for Confession Thursday…

But first I want to introduce you to a new song that I looovvee! Not love as in I’ve been listening to it non-stop. But love as in every time it comes on the radio in my car I turn up the volume and sing it at the top of my lungs and move around as much as I can while driving. It’s by TobyMac, and what is crazy is I’m not usually a fan of his stuff. But this song I love! So without further ado please go here and listen to the song!

Ok now on to my confession… Oh but first a disclosure (this is not meant to be racist or prejudice in any way, if it comes across that way I am so sorry, I don’t mean it that way at all)

I have never wanted to be white (as in ethnicity). Ever. Even when I was a kid I did not want to be.

I remember going into a store one day and seeing a little African-American girl with her hair in little pony-tales all over her head with colorful barrettes, and I told my mom I wanted to wear my hair like that.

My hometown had this cinco de mayo celebration every year and there would be these dancers in these pretty dresses. And I wanted to be them and dance like them!

Most of my parents friends when I was younger were Mexican. So I was around them constantly. To me I was one of them. I didn’t understand why my skin didn’t tan as quickly or get as dark.

At some point I was convinced that I was a Mexican. Because I’m told that when my parents told me I was white, I cried. Not just cried a little but I threw a HUGE fit saying exclaiming that I was not white, I was Mexican. I’m talking gigantic snot-slinging fit (ok snot was not really slinging but just using the expression, where did it come from anyway?). It was a very sad day.

Now flash forward to today. I know I’m white. And I like being Irish… But there is still a part of me that was meant to be Mexican I think. My skills at using a tortilla as a fork are pro. Mexican food = my downfall. I speak a little spanish, but understand more than I speak. I want tanned skin.

My best friends family has adopted me into their family. So I guess I’ll just have to settle with being adopted Mexican.

Whew… So glad I got that out there. 🙂 Have a good weekend y’all!



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