Spice Up Your Life

Ok… I’m going to be honest here… I was very disappointed in the Spice Girl’s performance during the Closing Ceremonies… I was expecting much more from them… Which might not be fair since they have been split up for lots of years… But still… I did however, LOVE Victoria Beckham’s (aka Posh Spice) dress for the performance. It was pretty sweet. Wasn’t really a fan of the rest of their outfits though.

And now I am done pretending to be a media critic… Sorry about that, I really don’t know what came over me!

I’ve been trying to Spice Up My Life by going from 3 workouts a week to 4 =O shocker I know! Last week was the first week of it… And let’s just say it kicked my butt I mean hiney (heard Lila telling me I said a bad word there lol). It was tough, but totally worth it. So here is to week #2 of 4 workouts a week.

Yesterday I was Spicing Up My Life by:

A. Straightening my hair! Haven’t done that since beginning of May or so… Cra-zay! I’ve been way too lazy and wanting to sleep, so it’s been in curls since then!

B. Having pepper jack cheese on my sandwich for dinner, oh and eating some chips and salsa.

C. Staying up till Midnight watching the LA Galaxy ROMP on Chivas!! Holla!! At both the win and me staying up till Midnight! (midnight is way late in my book! 5:30 came way to early this morning! So I snoozed till 6!)

D. Rocking out to some worship music on my drive home last night to keep me from freaking out that everyone and their momma who was driving last night was trying to kill me! I couldn’t tell you how many times I was almost hit by people trying to merge into me when trying to change lanes!

What are some other ways I want to Spice Up My Life you ask??

A. I want a haircut! Like bad! It has grown so much since April… Well duh that’s 4 months ago! Maybe sometime soon I’ll have a free Saturday to get it cut.

B. I want a pair of colored jeans! But this probably won’t happen seeing as they are all skinny jeans. And thanks to my years of sports playing my calves don’t fit in skinny jeans.

C. By floating down the river in a tube many many times! Friday can’t come quick enough!

D. By finally getting a new iPhone case.

What do y’all want to Spice Up Your Life With?


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